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The Art of Tailoring

Bespoke Corporate Suit

Style meets comfort

Think about how it feels to wear a suit that perfectly fits you and accentuates your character. The transformative power of a corporate suit can give you the confidence to create an excellent first impression in front of the clients or even close sales.

If you can't bring yourself to wear the same old, off the shelf, ill-fitted suit every day for work, then come and experience the comfort and flattering design of a Knightsman bespoke suit to rediscover the magic of tailoring.

Executive experience

Right from the time of inception, Knightsman has created a niche in the bespoke suit industry, focusing on delivering an executive level experience and fit to many business men and women. Specialising in formal and corporate suits, we have more than 13,000 luxurious fabrics to choose from paired with almost unlimited style choices, you can create a completely unique business suit design to match up to your personality, style, and taste.

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Design your own style

If you have recently been promoted or are moving to a new job, you might need to consider mixing up your wardrobe to suit your new role. We understand the significance of creating a suit which is both harmonious in your workplace but also reflective of your own, unique styles. At Knightsman, it can be achieved by several ways. Our tailoring experts and consultants will help guide you in creating a suit that meets your individual needs and will be able to advise you on the best available options.

We ensure to make you smile and feel special with our unique garments and fine service. Let us assist you.

Providing exceptional clothing for your work wear, occasion-wear, wedding suits to the perfect fitting trousers.

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Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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