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A well-fitting suit speaks volumes about the character of a man, and like men, not all suits are created equal. But what actually separates the standard off-the-rack variety of suiting from the high-end world of bespoke suits? Why not just get a cheaper suit tailored to your measurements? As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Sure, it may cost a little more in the short term, but that little extra will give you a suit that is superior in many ways.


Unlike the mass-produced suits found throughout the high-street that are designed to last a season or two, when you buy a bespoke suit, there is a strong possibility that the suit will outlive you. This alone more than makes up for the price difference between buying ready-to-wear and bespoke. In fact, if you calculate the cost per wear of a well-designed bespoke business suit, it will likely be the most economical item of clothing you ever actually own.


The material a suit is constructed from plays a huge role in how the piece will age and the overall look of the suit. While man-made fibres allow for cheaper products; there is a reason why 100% wool suits can instantly be distinguished from the sub-standard poly-wool blends that fill most workplaces. A bespoke suit will typically only use high-quality, natural fabrics such as wool and linen to give a suit life and exude the luxury that is typically found in English or Italian suiting.

In addition to what can be seen on the outside, another aspect of what sets the quality of a bespoke suit apart from RTW varieties is the shape. While most standard suits will be constructed with a fused inter-lining to give the suit shape, a bespoke garment will make use of free-floating canvas that will mould to your individual body and provide an unrivalled fit; which brings us to the next point.


We are all made of different shapes and sizes, so it makes very little sense that off-the-peg clothing can work for everyone. Sure, there may be some brands that fit you better than others, but there will always be little details that require a tailor’s attention to alter correctly and even then, only so much can be done.

A bespoke suit avoids all of these issues as it is designed and constructed entirely for your individual shape, stance, and posture. Not only does this instantly make the suit look better, but it also helps to in-still mountains of confidence in the wearer. Whether you are going to be in the boardroom or a black-tie event, when doesn’t a little extra confidence go amiss?


Whether it is a certain type of collar or turn-up cuffs on a pair of tailored trousers everyone has their own subtle preferences that give them a personal style when dressing. From the outer fabric, lining, buttons and pockets, bespoke pushes the limit and allows a virtually endless amount of customisation. This degree of flexibility is perfect for weddings or other formal events where you want to create a piece of clothing that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Not everything is about the actual suit itself; many people find the greatest appeal of having a bespoke item made is the overall service and being a part of the wider experience. There is something incredibly calming about being slowly measured up for a new suit and sorting your way through a variety of fabric swatches. It is like spinning back time to a bygone era, and the process removes a considerable amount of the stress that the modern world brings.

Not only does this experience change the dynamic of shopping, but it attaches far greater value to the piece of clothing that is commissioned. While you are sure to forget the discount suit you bought one year on boxing day sales, you will be sure never to forget any item that you have played such a vital role in its construction.

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