The Four Seasons Collection is a V.V. finished cloth with superior handle and crafted into timeless styles. The high-press finish is unsurpassed and retains its quality through the tailoring process. A true all year-round fabric.


H2700 H2700
H2701 H2701
H2702 H2702
H2704 H2704
H2705 H2705
H2706 H2706
H2707 H2707
H2708 H2708
H2709 H2709
H2710 H2710
H2711 H2711
H2712 H2712
H2713 H2713
H2714 H2714
H2715 H2715
H2716 H2716
H2717 H2717
H2718 H2718
H2719 H2719
H2720 H2720
H2721 H2721
H2722 H2722
H2723 H2723
H2724 H2724
H2725 H2725
H2726 H2726
H2727 H2727
H2728 H2728
H2729 H2729
H2730 H2730
H2731 H2731
H2732 H2732
H2733 H2733
H2734 H2734
H2735 H2735
H2736 H2736
H2737 H2737
H2738 H2738
H2739 H2739
H2740 H2740
H2741 H2741
H2742 H2742

Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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