English Cloth is proud to present this traditional range of Scottish tartan fabrics. Vibrant, subtle, historical, tartans take so many looks and always add a touch of gaelic charm to any ensemble. These tartans represent some of our favourite designs.


EC6800 EC6800
EC6801 EC6801
EC6802 EC6802
EC6803 EC6803
EC6804 EC6804
EC6805 EC6805
EC6806 EC6806
EC6807 EC6807
EC6808 EC6808
EC6809 EC6809
EC6810 EC6810
EC6811 EC6811
EC6812 EC6812
EC6813 EC6813
EC6814 EC6814
EC6816 EC6816
EC6817 EC6817
EC6818 EC6818
EC6819 EC6819
EC6820 EC6820
EC6821 EC6821
EC6822 EC6822
EC6823 EC6823
EC6824 EC6824
EC6825 EC6825
EC6826 EC6826
EC6827 EC6827
EC6828 EC6828
EC6829 EC6829
EC6830 EC6830
EC6831 EC6831
EC6832 EC6832
EC6833 EC6833
EC6834 EC6834
EC6835 EC6835
EC6836 EC6836
EC6837 EC6837
EC6838 EC6838
EC6839 EC6839
EC6840 EC6840
EC6841 EC6841
EC6842 EC6842
EC6843 EC6843
EC6844 EC6844
EC6845 EC6845
EC6846 EC6846
EC6847 EC6847

Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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