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Sometimes referred to as semi-bespoke or custom-made, it is a delicate balance between bespoke tailoring and ready to wear garments. Created using standardised base patterns which are then modified based on your measurements, made-to-measure provides a cheaper alternative to bespoke that fits considerably better than standard ready to wear garments.

You will also have the option to customise features of the suit including the fabric, pockets, and buttons, to provide a heightened level of personalisation to your wardrobe.

Design Options

Though made-to-measure have fewer customisation options than a bespoke garment, they do provide a heightened level of personalisation to your wardrobe. You will have the opportunity to customise features of your garment including the fabrics, lapels, single or double-breasted, and trouser length.

High quality with lesser fittings

A custom-made suit enhances your style and appearance. It is the ideal choice for those who want something more than just a normal ready-made suit without spending as much as they would on bespoke.

If we compare it with bespoke and ready to wear garments, made-to-measure has an excellent quality and price ratio. Pre-defined patterns reduce the cost similar to RTW, whereas the possibility of modifying the design based on your measurements results in a better fit similar to a bespoke garment. This means that you can buy clothing at reasonable prices but with high-quality and customisation.

Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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