S19 Book 4

This formal collection is perfect for tuxedos, business attire, weddings and parties. From conservative to bold, this collection has a little bit of everything.


4.1-L 4.1-L
4.1-R 4.1-R
4.2-L 4.2-L
4.2-R 4.2-R
4.3-L 4.3-L
4.3-R 4.3-R
4.4-L 4.4-L
4.4-R 4.4-R
4.5-L 4.5-L
4.5-R 4.5-R
4.6-L 4.6-L
4.6-R 4.6-R
4.7-L 4.7-L
4.7-R 4.7-R
4.8-L 4.8-L
4.8-R 4.8-R
4.9-L 4.9-L
4.9-R 4.9-R
4.10-L 4.10-L
4.10-R 4.10-R
4.11-L 4.11-L
4.11-R 4.11-R
4.12-L 4.12-L
4.12-R 4.12-R
4.13-L 4.13-L
4.13-R 4.13-R
4.14-L 4.14-L
4.14-R 4.14-R
4.15-L 4.15-L
4.16-L 4.16-L
4.16-R 4.16-R
4.17-L 4.17-L
4.18-L 4.18-L
4.18-R 4.18-R
4.17-R 4.17-R

Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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