A lighter weight product suitable for warmer climes, this range features both classic designs and fashionable, contemporary patterns in 100% Merino wool. Skilfully finished by the renowned WT Johnson of Huddersfield, England.


H1500 H1500
H1501 H1501
H1501a H1501a
H1502 H1502
H1502a H1502a
H1503 H1503
H1503a H1503a
H1504 H1504
H1504a H1504a
H1505 H1505
H1505a H1505a
H1506 H1506
H1506a H1506a
H1507 H1507
H1507a H1507a
H1508 H1508
H1508a H1508a
H1509 H1509
H1510 H1510
H1510a H1510a
H1511 H1511
H1511a H1511a
H1512 H1512
H1513 H1513
H1513-620 H1513-620
H1513a H1513a
H1514 H1514
H1514a H1514a
H1515 H1515
H1515a H1515a
H1516 H1516
H1516a H1516a
H1517 H1517
H1517a H1517a
H1519 H1519
H1519a H1519a
H1520 H1520
H1520a H1520a
H1521 H1521
H1521a H1521a
H1522 H1522
H1522a H1522a
H1523 H1523
H1523a H1523a
H1524 H1524
H1524a H1524a
H1525 H1525
H1525a H1525a
H1526 H1526
H1526a H1526a
H1527 H1527
H1527a H1527a
H1528 H1528
H1528a H1528a
H1529 H1529
H1529a H1529a
H1530 H1530
H1530a H1530a
H1531 H1531
H1531a H1531a
H1532 H1532
H1532a H1532a
H1533 H1533
H1533a H1533a
H1534 H1534
H1534a H1534a
H1536 H1536
H1536a H1536a
H1537 H1537
H1537a H1537a
H1538 H1538
H1538a H1538a
H1539 H1539
H1539a H1539a
H1540 H1540
H1540a H1540a
H1541 H1541
H1541a H1541a
H1542 H1542
H1542a H1542a
H1543 H1543
H1543a H1543a
H1544 H1544
H1544a H1544a
H1545 H1545
H1545a H1545a

Incomparably light. Extraordinarily comfortable. Try it. Wear it. Love it.

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