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Women Bespoke Shirts

Avoid difficult sizing

Women’s shirts are notoriously hard to buy off the rack given how many variables need to be considered for standard sizing's. Bespoke shirting avoids the problems of mass-produced shirts by having each one made from scratch, based off your individual dimensions. Not only will a Knightsman bespoke shirt fit you perfectly, but it will also be designed to balance elegance and comfort, to create a garment that will look and feel beautiful.

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Your shirt, your style

At Knightsman Bespoke Tailors our extensive collection of fabrics and styles allow you to create a masterpiece that caters to all your needs. Styles and designs include checks, stripes, oxfords, patterns, pinpoints, and much more. We can also copy the fit and design of your favourite shirts, ensuring that you can get exactly what you want, even if the original brand no longer stocks the design.

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Designing excellence

After you have selected the fabric of your piece, you get to design the style of your collar, cuff, buttons, and over key areas of the shirt. Once you are happy with the plans for your garment, we will take your measurements and then start the construction of your bespoke shirt. The entire design and construction process typically takes between 3 and 4 weeks, but will ultimately result in a shirt that fits you perfectly and is unique to you.

We ensure to make you smile and feel special with our unique garments and fine service. Let us assist you.

Providing exceptional clothing for your work wear, occasion-wear, wedding suits to the perfect fitting trousers.

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